Diffusion software Airomate RDS encoder and stereo encoder
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Airomate Chronos Little SineGen StereoCoder
Software is fantastic !
Hallan Packer
Radio Noticias de Americana 88,9Mhz
Excellent, recommended. congratulations on the software.
Edson Benetti
Very Good
Luis Salas
TU 95.5 FM
Working very good, after 5 years running 24/365 without any problem.
Efecto FM
This is fantastic program
Captain Sparrow
Sparrow Rádió
Its a very good software to have well impressed.
Tc Fords
Airomate is great! Believe me!
Just downloaded the demo and having a look at it, looks very good. Keep up the good work.
Firstly I must say Airomate is an excellent program, many thanks.
i´ll have to say that Airomate works very fine here with stereo rds (with aureon space 7.1). channel seperation is ok, rds gives more features than a cheap rds-encoder
I have finally got it all working.... it sounds fantastic, RDS, Stereo all working a treat. Thanks for a great program.
Congratulations on the wonderful job you did with Airomate. I just love this program.
There is definitely no competitive product (that I know of) like it, and the features keep getting better and better (or atleast they will!) Keep up the great work.
It's working nice and stable
Gert Smoes
Great software... But it needs a good CPU. 600 MHz are not enought... I had to use a 1200 MHz CPU or higher for good performance.
Alessandro Stefanoni
Radio Due.Zero
About "Airomate"? A few words... Perfect. Stable. Simple. Full Digital. Clear Sound. A big thanks for a good work to Arjen. A Hello to Lakis from Thessaloniki.
Charalampos Leontopoulos
Radio Akrata
It is really a nice software with an easy setup interface!
Sam Xie
Great program, low cost, many options and perfect RDS and other options!
Very nice, stereo coder and RDS generator, all in one, only using Airomate and your computer, what can I say, hi-tech technology at your fingertips!
We are glad, that for good software like this, we obtained it on a so good price. And the transaction occurred smoothly under seconds of course! We say thank you for it, Mosoly Média
Viktor Csoszi
Great software works fine and easy for a small price thanks !!!
It`s a nice software. I have it now 2 years and no problems.
Rob Morsink
I'm very impressed about what this software all can do. In one word: super!
Dimitri Jansen
Great software!!! Thank You
Milos Milosevic
Radio Rubin
Hi, i use airomate for a couple of week every summer when i am at my summer house. Used with an Aureon sound card and the result is very good for my ears... It replaced a digilog stereo gen with a Piracz rds encoder.
Stefanos Zografos
I would like to thank you for the excellent service provided by your Airomate.stereo sound and rds are the best
Kostas Ioannou
Airomate for me is good and easy to use. Real stereo separation and better RDS. Very good with Esi Maya44 Pci. Best Software!:)
Very reliable and most of all it works!
Dino Sangiuliano
Super logiciel ! je vous le conseil tous ! configuration simple !
Yanis Mailot
Hi everybody, I was looking for a solution to broadcast rds signal. I have read the website information and forum and I bought a E-MU 0404 192khz USB 2.0 for 45 € and after I tested airomate demo version. I used the SAME USB CARD for audio input and output with all options (stereo and rds) and it's work at 192 khz. No virtual cable. The result : no problem ! Usually, nothing work as so much simplicity ! The soft is very good !And when I use my scope analyser, I see a very good signal ! So I bought airomate licence and now my old stéreocoder is off ! Thanks to Diffusion software. In france we say "bravo et félicitation !".
the best rds encoder on the market
Sergio Plasencia
Awesome! We use Airomate side-by-side with Breakaway Processor, and both two matches perfectly. Airomate is a great software, a masterpiece for an incredible low price.
Junior Pakes
Rádio Nova Cultura FM
Airomate is excellent!
Jan Kwarts
Todo muy bonito
Ignacio Parra
Very very useful and smart programe.
Spiridon Saltas
Excellent software
Claudinei Figueira

Airomate v2

Airomate v2
About Airomate
System requirements
How does it work
Version history
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Airomate v2

About Airomate

Airomate makes it possible to use a 192 kHz sampling rate capable soundcard to generate a high quality stereo MPX signal with full featured RDS/RBDS for FM radio transmitters. Airomate gives your radio station the professional look and sound.

The maximum frequency of a MPX stereo / RDS signal goes up to 57 kHz. So you need a soundcard that can handle a minimum frequency of 57 kHz. Nowadays there are cheap soundcards which have a samplerate of 192 kHz. These soundcards can produce frequencies up to 96 kHz. For a frequency of 96 kHz you will need a minimum samplerate of 192 kHz.
Most operating systems can not handle a samplerate of 192 kHz. Windows XP WITH Service pack 1 is the first Windows version which can handle this.


By using a media player on the same computer, the audio-signal will be edited fully digital, so there is no loss in quality produced by A/D converters.
The RDS/stereo signal will be calculated digital, so that a perfect RDS/stereo signal will be generated and a good stereo separation will be reached. ( >50 dB)

Minimum system requirements

Processor: 600MHz
Soundcard: A soundcard with at least a samplerate of 192 kHz. Click here for a list with working soundcards.
Operating system: Windows XP with Service Pack 1 or higher

Processor: 1.2 GHz or higher
Operating system: Windows XP with Service Pack 2



Click here for more screenshots


General options:

  • Stereo encoder on/off
  • RDS encoder on/off
  • Pre-emphasis on/off
  • Clipper after pre-emphasis on/off
  • Manual adjustable pre-emphasis
  • Input volume control
  • 15 kHz low pass on/off
  • Clipper after 15kHz low pass filter
  • Composite clipping on/off
  • 50 or 75uS pre-emphasis
  • RDS remote control through LPT port
  • Automatic start-up on Windows start-up
  • Automatic start processing on program start-up
  • Adjustable buffer size

Stereo encoder options:

  • Adjustable Mono volume
  • Adjustable 19 kHz volume
  • Adjustable 38 kHz volume
  • Adjustable 19 kHz phase shift
  • Adjustable 38 kHz phase shift
  • Adjustable 19 kHz frequency
  • Adjustable 38 kHz frequency or automatic

RDS options:

  • Traffic programme (TP)
  • Traffic announce (TA)
  • Music/Speech
  • Clock-time and date
  • Programme Type (PTY)
  • Programme Type Name (PTYN)
  • Programme Item Number (PIN)
  • Programme Identification (PI) (Not available in the demo version)
  • Extended Country Code (ECC) (Not available in the demo version)
  • Language Identification (Not available in the demo version)
  • Decoder Identification (DI)
  • Dynamic Programme service name (PS) (512 messages in registered version, only 2 in demo version)
  • Dynamic Programme service name from file input (Not available in the demo version)
  • RadioText (RT) (512 messages in registered version, only 2 in demo version)
  • Smart split; for splitting large PS or RT messages into smaller pieces.
  • Dynamic RadioText from file input (Not available in the demo version)
  • Inline commands for PS and RT message (Not available in the demo version)
  • 25 Alternative Frequencies method A (AF) (Not available in the demo version)
  • Unlimited Alternative Frequencies method B (AF) (Not available in the demo version)
  • Creating own data groups
  • RBDS support
  • Adjustable 57 kHz volume
  • Adjustable 57 kHz phase shift
  • Adjustable 57 kHz frequency or automatic

How does it work

Documentation about how Airomate works is not ready yet. You will need to read the StereoCoder project about how to adjust the stereo signal.

Version history

version 1.00
  • First release.
version 1.01
  • Little bug fix. PI code in the demo version was fixed at 0000. This is changed to 1000 because some receivers won't display the RDS if the PI is 0000.
version 1.02
  • Bug fixed in reading RDS files. If it was reading the file at the same time it was written by another program then Airomate crashed.
  • Removed the beta version expired time limit.
version 1.03
  • Bug fixed on "Start up when Windows start up". This function didn't work at all.
  • PI and ECC can be selected by country from a list.
  • Language identification can be selected from a list.
  • Alternative Frequencies (AF) now supports the maximum of 25 frequencies.
  • Added Programme Type Name (PTYN).
  • Added Programme Item Number (PIN).
  • Radio Text now also supports the option to send RT by group 2B.
  • Bug fixed on saving the Always On Top setting. This setting wasn't saved at all.
  • Improved Radio Text scrolling text on the Airomate display. Now it will be changed immediately when a new RT will be transmitted.
  • 57 kHz. subcarrier can be switched off. Now you can have the unmodulated RDS data.
  • Added a synchronization output signal on the left or right output channel.
  • Added character count in RadioText and Programme Service Name edit.
version 2.00
  • Added RDS only functionality
  • Added RBDS support
  • Added U.S. Call sign conversion
  • Bugfix: Spaces where not saved within PS messages
  • Added left and right input volume control
  • Changed the "Disable close when Airomate is processing" fuction. If this function is enabled then Airomate can be closed when Windows is logging off
  • Added "Prevent Windows log-off when processing" function
  • Added full support for Alternative Frequencies. It includes method A and B.
  • Processing code optimized. (10% faster :)
  • Improved audio processing routines. It's more stable and beside that Airomate did function well with VAC, it now functions well with FlexConnect also.
  • Added Sync mode. Sync mode works with the sync mode in Virtual Audio Cable version 3.
  • Added Smart split functionality. Smart split, splits PS and RT message which are too long, into smaller messages.
  • Optimized PS and RT messages editing including drag and drop support to change the order of the messages.
  • Added load and save PS and RT messages lists.
  • Added default PS and RT message. This prevents from showing blank messages.
  • Added Upper Case function for PS and RT messages.
  • Added User groups. Now you can add your own RDS data for testing purposes.
  • Added many new filter and clipper settings
  • Added new display settings
  • Added multi language support
  • Added Windows style support
  • Bugfix: the display in Airomate had some troubles with different dpi settings in Windows.
  • Added Manual pre-emphasis frequency and hi pass gain control
  • Added Output gain control for pre-emphasis
  • Added Output gain control for 15kHz low pass filter
  • Added Input clipper
  • Added RDS Remote control through LTP port
version 2.01
  • Bugfix: Airomate was not running stable on some systems
  • Added German language
version 2.02
  • Changed Custom Data Groups. Now you can create an unlimited number of your own RDS data groups.
  • Added Group settings. With the RDS group settings you can disable groups and change the repetition rates.
  • Bugfix: When changing language, the labels after the slider were not updated to the new language.
  • Updated languages: Dutch, German.
  • Added languages: French, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Serbian, Spanish.
version 2.11
  • Added audio output routing.
  • Added A/B flag for RadioText messages.
  • Changed default repetition rates.
  • New extended country codes.
  • Improved internal processing from 32 bit to 64 bit processing.
  • Added Bulgarian and Portuguese languages.
  • Few bugfixes.
version 2.12
  • Bugfix timezone did not work when daylight saving was disabled in Windows.
  • Bugfix VU meter.
  • Bugfix Airomate crashed when system is shutting down while Airomate is still processing.


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