Diffusion software Airomate RDS encoder and stereo encoder
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Site update
Updated list of
compatible soundcards.
Airomate update
Airomate v2.11 released.
Airomate update
Airomate v2.10 released.
Chronos update
Chronos v0.2 beta released.
Airomate update
Airomate v2.02 beta 1 released.
Site update
Airomate translations added on the downloads page.
Airomate update
Airomate v2.01 released.
Airomate update
Airomate v2.00 released.

Airomate is the best software-based RDS encoder on the market, generating an RDS or RBDS signal of the highest possible quality! Learn more about the Airomate RDS encoder and stereo encoder and where you can download it.
Also, check out other products from Diffusion Software, such as the freeware FM stereo encoder StereoCoder and the freeware Little SineGen, which generates sine waves at any sample frequency. And don’t forget Chronos, the freeware RDS message scheduler for Airomate.

Airomate v2 RDS and stereo encoder

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